Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diary of a GSD, Entry #1, Just Me

Hi. My name is lira and I live in a peaceful home of two humans. The one in the photo is my male human and the one taking the shot is my female human (not in the picture, of course). They have a curly-haired daughter who lives far away and visits them once a year. She is not quite fond of big dogs like me. I always know when she's coming because my female human always reminds me to behave and my bath time takes longer time than the usual. When she's home, that means I get relocated to a little house a few meters from my humans' home. Why? Because I overheard this curly haired girl tell my female human that I smell awful. Argh! I think she has this funny allergy about dog smell but she makes it sound like it's my fault. I think I don't like her. If she were not my humans' precious daughter, I would have gladly put my jaws on her butt. But that won't make my humans happy, so I behave. Besides, my female human told me that that curly haired girl has a small dog that she loves and cares for. She even showed me the dog's photo, although compared to my size, her dog was a...toy.
Oh well, I'm jealous of anyone who comes near my humans - their friendly neighbor and her daughter with eye glasses, those 2 lazy, ugly cats, that crazy hen, the neighborhood dogs with just-woke-up hairs, that brown dog with a fake smile they call jinky and even their small voiced gardener. But my humans say it's okay. "Just don't overdo it, Lira". Whaaat? That's hard limit for me. But I obey my humans like I remember my safe word 50 times and forget it 500 times. Lol!! My male human constantly reminds me of that, with a strange tone of voice. When I hear that strange tone, I understand he is the alpha, not me. So I obey. I love my humans family. But they love me more. :)