Friday, April 10, 2015

Steps in Juicing fresh, pure, organic guavas

     It's summertime in the Philippines and the heat is just so unbearable sometimes.  It is important to drink a lot of water and juices to cool your body.  I have a few guava trees in my yard and they bear a lot of fruits whole year round.  Children in the neighborhood love to eat them and some bats who pass by our place in the night also love to pick them.

     Guavas are known for their high nutritive value and  very rich source of antioxidant Vitamin C, potassium and other high profile minerals and vitamins and fiber.  Since I have a good supply of guavas in my yard, it's a good idea to just luxuriate in its rich taste and flavor by juicing them!

     Here is what I did:

      1.  Pick some ripe guavas and wash them thoroughly.

      2.  Slice the guavas in half and take out the seeds.  Then, slice them into chunks.

     3.  Put the guava chunks into the juicer and juice it.

     4.  Pull out the juice container and check if you have enough juice to drink.

     5.   Pour the guava juice into your favorite drinking glass, put some ice, and now you're ready for an ice cold fresh,  pure, organic, nutritious guava juice drink!  Sooo love it!

     Happy juicing friends!!

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