Thursday, March 12, 2015

Diary of a GSD, Entry #6, Dogs Not Included

Dear humans family,

I wishes this ain't me.  I has treat humans so good so far, has I?  Well, I thoughts so, this for humans only.



P.S. Cats don't go therapy, do they?  I just carried one between my teeth yesterday.  His humans didn't teach him good manners. Caught him pee in your garden. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog), Entry #5, "Tatay"

Here's a sneak peek at my humans' old man enjoying a robust, hearty meal.

He's the coolest guy I've ever met in this part of the globe. Neighborhood kids fondly call him "tatay". He has a default smile for everyone, dogs and humans alike. Always says "Hi Lira!" everytime my human and I pass by his home during my afternoon walks. I have a thousand and one reasons to like him. He is boss to many, some humans call him "sir"..., but he's a simple, jolly good fellow to awesome GSDs like me.

Oh, the pic's caption is written in my humans' regional language. It means, "IF YOU CAN ENDURE HUNGER, HOW MUCH MORE A FULL STOMACH!" Arf! Arf! Arf!! So happy eating everyone!

Ooops, by the way, Tatay is 82 years old. Cool.

(Photo credits: tata radaza goyena)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The livelihood promise

 Deuteronomy 28:8 is one of God's promises in the Bible which I hold on so dearly.  Personally, I apply this verse in my area of livelihood.  I believe that if we don't get weary in doing  that which pleases God especially in our area of livelihood, no matter how strong the temptation to do otherwise, God will bless our finances, work and home.  Be encouraged. To the fathers, mothers, single parents who work so hard to set up their families, and shun unrighteous money making activities, even though how tempting they maybe, continue doing what you have started.  To those who fear and trust God for their provision, do not worry. God will establish you and your family.  To those who are into morally questionable livelihood, it's never too late to straighten things out.  Humbly ask God to forgive and help you. Believe that God will pull you out from the pit.  Stay in God's will and course.  If you do this, you will never regret your decision.  God will pour out his favor upon you.

Read God's Word today.  It is all in that book called "Bible" and believe in his promises.  You won't regret it.

Diary of a GSD, Entry #4, The Flooding

Diary of a GSD
Entry #4
The Flooding

Water, water everywhere. The eve of January 14, 2014 was a frenzy dance. People pacing back and forth, loud "evacuate now!" voices coming from different directions..

My female human had to pack up things. "Just the important things", according to my male human, "and hurry up."  Her sister from far away just called up her mom and dad explicitly telling them to get out of the house fast. I overheard that the riverbanks are beyond visibility.  And I can see water running below my little haven. "I have to stay" said my male human. "Whaat!". "What if there's going to be a flash flood like that one in Cagayan de Oro?", my female human became frantic.

And I thought, "what's a flashflood?"  "I HAS NO BRAIN ADULT THIS TIME. ME JUST WANT TO PLAY IN A WATERS DOWN MA HAVEN", I sighed.

"Stop growling Lira" said my female human. While female human is panicky, I have this funny feeling of awesomely rolling down the muddy waters below. "Behave lira, have pity on humans", I remind myself. "Oh, okay".

My female human has to say goodbye to male human as she steps inside her sister's black car. Male human has to stay behind to transfer his extended family to  higher ground. And extended family means Me,

 Jinky and her three pups,

Minggay, the just-recently-adopted cat,

and even the brown hen that's laying  eggs on top of the dirty kitchen. "Okay, promise me you will follow  right away after you have them settled", said my female human. "Okay, don't worry gang. Love u.", said my male human. But female human isn't 100% convinced. She said male human should move fast.

"Mesh, don't forget Sam!" female human's sister, Ms. Lea, shouted to male human.

Sam? Oh, that Sam.

He is Ms. Lea's fluffy half japanese spitz-half pomeranian breed who's not only easily bored of staying indoors, but also complains when his tiny reddish feet collect dust from running outside.  I should know. He once told me by the window when I passed by Ms. Lea's house, "Lira, I wish I has shoes!".  I think this Sam has the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)flowing in his blood. But I also think he's a funny old dog.

So, after everyone left, "male human will have his hands full whole night tonight," or so I thought.