Saturday, July 25, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Entry No. 12 MY DOG HOTEL EXPERIENCE

     One evening in June, 2015, male human was  happily talking to someone on his phone, while female human was busy tinkering with her laptop.  It was a typical cozy evening, and all of us were just preppin for a good night's rest.  Hearing male human's excited voice, female human joined in and both of them were just excitingly greeting and laughing with another human on the other line. It's just amazing that from one little phone, I can hear about three or four different voices talking to each other.  Oh, I remember female human mentioned some kind of "speaker phone" that male human should click on so voices should be heard.  I think that was the reason I heard them all exciting voices.

     From what I overheard, I understood only a few words. They were "vacation, vacation, vacation!"  Are my humans going somewhere? Wow!  My humans are two workaholic people and I'm fully convinced they need a place far away to just laze around and do nothing all day.

      After clicking off the phone, I heard male and female humans discussing about a place where I need to stay while they're gone.  Dog hotel or something?  Whaaaaaaat? "Lira stays at the dog hotel for 4 to 5 days", male human said.  Oh my gosh, my first time to hear about such place!  I couldn't hide my excitement!  I imagined a lot of chic and stylish dogs checking in at the same place and I would be rubbing noses with them all.  This is, oh my goodness, PARTY!

     On July 8, 2015, female human again talked to me about good manners and of being a gracious GSD.  She told me that some sort of a dog car will pick me up and take me to the hotel.  I felt a little nervous, but was comforted when she told me that she's coming with me to see to it that I will be comfortably settled, and to make arrangements for my food, grooming and all.  Oh well, I was almost tempted to call myself, Princess Lira.

     Just as I had imagined, I was treated like a princess in the hotel.  I met a few too many handsome dogs but some female ones were quite gawky.  But since female human told me to maintain a calm and friendly behavior, I gave my sweetest smile to everyone and showed them my strong and flashy teeth in the most endearing way.

     I met a sleek, curvy lady chihuahua who slept in a room next to mine.  She has been staying in the hotel for the last three months.  Her human family - a female doctor - is in Europe for a business project.  She confided that she truly miss her human but was told that she has to wait for another three months before she sees her again.  It's her first time to be separated from her human and found it a struggle in the first month.  The hotel staff made her stay very comfortable and lovely that she had learned to cope with her new but temporary home.

     Of course, the human staff spoiled me with delicious meals, warm bath and fun, hilarious play time.  I had a fabulous time showing off my sturdy built and cool composure.  Five days was too short a time, but I earned a few good friends, both dogs and humans, in that hospitable hotel.
.       My short stay in the dog hotel was a happy and memorable one.  I befriended my caretaker, a jolly, cajoling and caring person whose name was CLYDE.  All the other humans in the hotel were equally friendly as well.  But CLYDE was different.  I saw in him my male and female humans, my home away from home.

     On June 12, 2015, Clyde told me that my humans have already arrived at the farm, and he's taking me there on that day.  I said goodbye to my hotel friends and felt sad that I had to leave.  But the excitement of seeing my humans filled my whole dog day time.  I just can't quite sit still.  Clyde has to keep patting my back to keep me settled.

     So I arrived home happy to see my humans again.  They gave me a very warm hug and told me I smell so good.  They said Clyde must have taken excellent care of me.  They were so right.  I only had happy times in the hotel and forever will I cherish those good, fun times.  After saying their thank-yous and goodbyes, I suddenly miss Clyde and his wide-mouth grin and cool, funny voice as he drove his car away from me.

     Now, I'm back!  Looking at my humans, I stretched my legs and gave them my loud, poker-faced yawn, barking "I'M HAPPY TO BE HOME AGAIN!  HOW'S VACATION?"

                         My good friend, Clyde

Friday, June 5, 2015


     It's not everyday that I get the honor of a visit from two random and funny people who were part of my wandering past.  I just want them to know how much I appreciate their visit, hence, I created a purely amateur video to thank them.

    Thank you Radha and Red.  Hub and I were truly humbled by your presence in our modest home.

    Happy dance!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog), Entry #11. OF BEST FRIENDS AND SUNDAYS

     One day, while I was admiring and watching a solicitous hen feeding her 10 little chicks, my female human came and sat beside me and patted my back.  "Lira, she said, I have something important to tell you."  I looked at female human's face intently and noticed that her eyes prettily brightened and her lips broadened into a lovely smile.

    "You know, Lira, she continued, in my 54 years on this earth, I have made a lot of friends in different places.  And I discovered that there are two kinds of best friends that a person can blessedly have.  One is a best friend who knows everything about you and who you hang out with often.  The other one is somebody that you haven't seen and seldom talked to for years and years, yet you know in your heart that nothing has ever changed between the two of you."  

     Jinky, the mutt, who was also sitting across, nodded in agreement, which puzzled me.  Ah, I know why.  During our frequent convos, Jinky always mentions a friend who lives in a far away place whom, she said, she will always be tied to even if they haven't seen each other anymore. 

     So, I thought, "Ah, so best friends are people you do sundays with.  Whether they be present all the time or absent for a long time, they will still be people you do sundays with in your heart."  My farm friends and I do sundays every now and then - just being comfortable talking to each other, playing, sharing food and protecting each other when trouble comes.  So, female human makes me understand that people you do sundays with are very special people and you call them "BEST FRIENDS".

     "You see, Lira, said  female human,  I haven't seen this best friend of mine in a span of twelve years, but it seems like we just talked to each other yesterday.  She is one person I can be stupid with, belly laugh with, pig out with, cry-like-a-river with and share small and big secrets with.  She knows my imperfections.  She's crazy as I am.  She has been with me in my glory days and never left me in my darkest moments.  God has gifted her with so much capacity to love, and to rise over grim circumstances. On raising kids, she is gentle yet dauntless.  A perfect example of a mother with very sharp mother's instincts.  Now, she has two lovely and wonderful kids."

     Female human continues, "Now, Lira, she and her young child will be coming over to visit us and I want you to be gentle and friendly with them.  No rough manners, okay?"  Then, female human hugged me tight, stroked my neck, stood up and left.

     Jinky came over to me, grinning, "Lira, rough manners.."  "Yeah right, and that goes for you too, Jinky."  Before Jinky and I begin to poke at each other's manners, female human came back with a full smile on her face, saying...

     "Oh, by the way, Lira, her name is RADHA."

Ms. Radha...

Ms. Radha's sweet daughter, Red... 

Ms. Radha & female human... 

Ms. Radha, female human, Jinky...

Me playing with Ms. Radha's daughter, Red..


Ms. Radha & Missy Red

     And so I made male and female humans happy...friendly and gentle attitude is almost effortless for me as doing sundays with friends. (happy dance)
Photo credits: Red Fernan Rota
Taken at Bit.os farmy

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog), Entry #8. Deadly Dog Day Afternoon

     It was a Monday, the first working day of the week.  Just like any other working day, male human goes to office and female human stays home for her routine commitments: household chores, gardening, reading, blogging, beading; and her special commitments: ... she says it's private.

     Oh the other hand, Jinky, the mutt,  gave birth to four healthy pups, and that God-given Monday was the start of their third week from birth.  Female human told me, "Lira, I read in Google that the third week from pups' birth is the time to introduce them to solid food."  

     So, she then carefully transferred Jinky's pups near the backdoor outside the house where they can move around and have more room to play and eat.  Jinky, who was present all the time, also rested comfortably with her pups.  When everything was done, female human felt exhausted from her morning chores and took her power nap in her room.

     Fifteen minutes after, female human was awakened by Jinky's strong and persistent barking.  Jinky seldom barks; most of time, when she's not eating, she just lies down quietly and minds her own business.  But at that time, Jinky's barking had a sense of urgency.  Bewildered, I peeked at the door and shouted to Jinky, "What you has happening, friend?"  

      Female human went out and found Jinky restlessly moving around and sniffing on an empty gas tank that was sitting in a corner.  When female human went near to investigate, she found nothing strange and nothing moving at all.  But Jinky was agitated; she barked strongly when her pups went near the gas tank.  

     Even in the absence of a dangerous object, GSDs can still sense danger lurking somewhere.  Yes! I sensed it!  Female human, Jinky and her pups must get out of there fast!!  I joined Jinky's barking and even upstaged her.  "Get out! Get out all of you!!" That was the loudest, most annoying, most irritating noise I ever made in my eight years in the farm! 

     Female human also shouted at me..."Liraaa, shut up!  You're making me nervous!"  

     One good neighbor who was working nearby, and whose name is Marciano, together with his wife, Emily, came to check what's happening.  After female human explained to them what's causing the commotion, they offered to transfer the gas tank's location to another spot.

     Marciano then proceeded to carry the gas tank when...both female human and Emily nervously and fearfully shouted..."Oh my God! Snake! Snake!" 

      Down under the empty gas tank laid a big venomous cobra all curled up and ready to strike us dead!  Female human took a long iron rod and attempted to strike the cobra but all the more the cobra moved its fierce cheeky face  towards her.  Marciano grabbed the iron rod from female human and forcefully and courageously hit the cobra's head a number of times until it crumbled down.  

     All the time while Marciano was fighting the black & yellow skinned, death-stinging reptile, female human and Emily were screaming incoherent women words and jumping up and down like nervous wrecks.  Being a loyal and sympathetic GSD, I understand how female human acts in her fiftyish years.  I displayed a poker face look even if I wanted to burst out..chuckling.  They were quite a scene.

     So that was a near-death, dog-day afternoon in a small farm where I live.  Marciano buried the dead deadly cobra.  It took days before female human got over the nervous feeling of facing a deadly snake. 

     For me, although I did not come in between the humans and the cobra, I still felt like a hero.  I think my loudest bark ever made the difference.  It paved the way for a good samaritan to come over.  And Jinky?  She was great.

     Thank you God for Marciano.  Thank you God for saving us all.

     Thanks for reading, folks!  Till next entry.

    This was the cobra killed by Marciano..

     The dead cobra's burial hole...

   And this is our good neighbor, Marciano...


Monday, April 20, 2015



     A Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Program was recently conducted by the The Jesus Family Ministries (TJFM)-Children Ministry at Windfields Subdivision, Butuan City (Philippines) last April 13-17, 2015.

     Forty (40) children from ages 4 to 12, and residing at the said subdivision, actively participated in the said program.  They were interactively fed daily with interesting bible stories, bible memory verses, kids' songs, fun review games and of course, delectable snacks. 

                                                               Bible Stories & Prayer Time

                                                                           Fun Games


                                                                         Bonding Time

     TJFM has conducted several DVBS programs in different areas of  Butuan City for the last five (5) years, namely, at Taligaman, Doongan, T. Calo St., Rosales Avenue, and the most recent is at Windfields Subdivision.

      Feel free to inquire about TJFM's activities for children at Tel. No. (085)341-1599.  Its newly created Facebook account is: tjfm kids butuan.

Photo credits: TJFM Kids


Friday, April 10, 2015

Steps in Juicing fresh, pure, organic guavas

     It's summertime in the Philippines and the heat is just so unbearable sometimes.  It is important to drink a lot of water and juices to cool your body.  I have a few guava trees in my yard and they bear a lot of fruits whole year round.  Children in the neighborhood love to eat them and some bats who pass by our place in the night also love to pick them.

     Guavas are known for their high nutritive value and  very rich source of antioxidant Vitamin C, potassium and other high profile minerals and vitamins and fiber.  Since I have a good supply of guavas in my yard, it's a good idea to just luxuriate in its rich taste and flavor by juicing them!

     Here is what I did:

      1.  Pick some ripe guavas and wash them thoroughly.

      2.  Slice the guavas in half and take out the seeds.  Then, slice them into chunks.

     3.  Put the guava chunks into the juicer and juice it.

     4.  Pull out the juice container and check if you have enough juice to drink.

     5.   Pour the guava juice into your favorite drinking glass, put some ice, and now you're ready for an ice cold fresh,  pure, organic, nutritious guava juice drink!  Sooo love it!

     Happy juicing friends!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Entry #7: Just a Little Personal Background

    I am now on my eighth (8th) year in my beloved humans' home.  If I remember it right, I am the 6th pup out of seven offsprings by my mom Chloe and dad Bugoy.  Mom is an intelligent, obedient and charming GSD of my humans' best friends, Sonia and hubby Ruel.  My dad, Bugoy, is a champ lineage blue blood and lives with wonderful, enterprising humans who own a pet shop named after  him.  All my other siblings' names also start with the letter "L" - Lyka, Lisa, etc.. I do not really know what is in the letter "L" that so appealed to Mr. Ruel.  But whatever it was, he sure gave me a wonderful name and I just love it when humans call me by my lovely name...Liraaaa!

     My female human  often tells me about my other sibling, Lyka, who, she said, lives in one of her high school classmate's home.  She says we look so alike in built, hair and cool facial looks.  There are times when I dream of Lyka like we were biting and pulling each other's ears and tails. Our mom, Chloe was very patient with our noisy wrestlings and clutters.  She so gladly fed us a constant supply of delicious mother's milk which helped us gain appealingly large and strong physique.  Growing up, I never remember being a sickly GSD.  My humans made sure of that.

     On my second year in my humans' home, I dated a big, muscular, city boy GSD which resulted in a planned pregnancy that made my humans happy.  After exactly fifty nine (59) days from my dating period, I popped out four (4) healthy offsprings.  Since it was my first time to bring out baby pups, I was pretty nervous, tensed and at a loss of what to do!  Female human was kind enough to help me out, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure that mother and pups are doing, eating and sleeping well.

     I never got pregnant again after my first.  Male human became so awfully busy with livelihood work that he can't accompany me anymore to meet prospective new dates in the city.  But that's okay with me.  I am contented with my life now.  In the many years that I have lived in this cozy, little farm, I made a lot of friends with different species with different languages.  In fact, seeing them almost everyday, I learned a few bird songs, cat tricks, pig oinks and snake hisses when they pass by my hub and greet me "How are you today, Lira!"

     I've come a long way from the first time I stepped on my humans' haven.  From a noisy, impatient snob to an unassuming, quite friendly GSD.  A few close friends here and there make me feel loved and wanted.  Everyone calls me by my first name which is music to my ears.  And I just know that in my humans' affectionate company is a place I call home.  My farm family - a slice of heaven on earth.  This is where I belong.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ocean garbage: where do they travel?

     The small plastic bottle covers or even the tiny hairpin that we nonchalantly throw down the rivers and ocean bays. The plastic bags that we leave behind at the beach after a fun-filled picnic. Or even the tampoons and straws and every plastic, tin trash that we think the vastness of the ocean can contain, because it's just a "little harmless thing" anyway, so we, without guilt, just throw them while no one is watching..  Where do these garbage travel  anyway?  Where do the waves and current take them?

     Below is a heart breaking video that shows proof of the harmful effects of ocean garbage.  Maybe after watching this video, we can be more mindful of the effects of throwing non-biodegradable objects anywhere. What we think is harmless at our end may cost the life of beautiful creatures co-existing with us in this planet.
Credits: Youtube

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Diary of a GSD, Entry #6, Dogs Not Included

Dear humans family,

I wishes this ain't me.  I has treat humans so good so far, has I?  Well, I thoughts so, this for humans only.



P.S. Cats don't go therapy, do they?  I just carried one between my teeth yesterday.  His humans didn't teach him good manners. Caught him pee in your garden. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog), Entry #5, "Tatay"

Here's a sneak peek at my humans' old man enjoying a robust, hearty meal.

He's the coolest guy I've ever met in this part of the globe. Neighborhood kids fondly call him "tatay". He has a default smile for everyone, dogs and humans alike. Always says "Hi Lira!" everytime my human and I pass by his home during my afternoon walks. I have a thousand and one reasons to like him. He is boss to many, some humans call him "sir"..., but he's a simple, jolly good fellow to awesome GSDs like me.

Oh, the pic's caption is written in my humans' regional language. It means, "IF YOU CAN ENDURE HUNGER, HOW MUCH MORE A FULL STOMACH!" Arf! Arf! Arf!! So happy eating everyone!

Ooops, by the way, Tatay is 82 years old. Cool.

(Photo credits: tata radaza goyena)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The livelihood promise

 Deuteronomy 28:8 is one of God's promises in the Bible which I hold on so dearly.  Personally, I apply this verse in my area of livelihood.  I believe that if we don't get weary in doing  that which pleases God especially in our area of livelihood, no matter how strong the temptation to do otherwise, God will bless our finances, work and home.  Be encouraged. To the fathers, mothers, single parents who work so hard to set up their families, and shun unrighteous money making activities, even though how tempting they maybe, continue doing what you have started.  To those who fear and trust God for their provision, do not worry. God will establish you and your family.  To those who are into morally questionable livelihood, it's never too late to straighten things out.  Humbly ask God to forgive and help you. Believe that God will pull you out from the pit.  Stay in God's will and course.  If you do this, you will never regret your decision.  God will pour out his favor upon you.

Read God's Word today.  It is all in that book called "Bible" and believe in his promises.  You won't regret it.

Diary of a GSD, Entry #4, The Flooding

Diary of a GSD
Entry #4
The Flooding

Water, water everywhere. The eve of January 14, 2014 was a frenzy dance. People pacing back and forth, loud "evacuate now!" voices coming from different directions..

My female human had to pack up things. "Just the important things", according to my male human, "and hurry up."  Her sister from far away just called up her mom and dad explicitly telling them to get out of the house fast. I overheard that the riverbanks are beyond visibility.  And I can see water running below my little haven. "I have to stay" said my male human. "Whaat!". "What if there's going to be a flash flood like that one in Cagayan de Oro?", my female human became frantic.

And I thought, "what's a flashflood?"  "I HAS NO BRAIN ADULT THIS TIME. ME JUST WANT TO PLAY IN A WATERS DOWN MA HAVEN", I sighed.

"Stop growling Lira" said my female human. While female human is panicky, I have this funny feeling of awesomely rolling down the muddy waters below. "Behave lira, have pity on humans", I remind myself. "Oh, okay".

My female human has to say goodbye to male human as she steps inside her sister's black car. Male human has to stay behind to transfer his extended family to  higher ground. And extended family means Me,

 Jinky and her three pups,

Minggay, the just-recently-adopted cat,

and even the brown hen that's laying  eggs on top of the dirty kitchen. "Okay, promise me you will follow  right away after you have them settled", said my female human. "Okay, don't worry gang. Love u.", said my male human. But female human isn't 100% convinced. She said male human should move fast.

"Mesh, don't forget Sam!" female human's sister, Ms. Lea, shouted to male human.

Sam? Oh, that Sam.

He is Ms. Lea's fluffy half japanese spitz-half pomeranian breed who's not only easily bored of staying indoors, but also complains when his tiny reddish feet collect dust from running outside.  I should know. He once told me by the window when I passed by Ms. Lea's house, "Lira, I wish I has shoes!".  I think this Sam has the OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)flowing in his blood. But I also think he's a funny old dog.

So, after everyone left, "male human will have his hands full whole night tonight," or so I thought.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Diary of a GSD, Entry No. 3, Rain, rain go away

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)
Entry #3, 

     My thoughts bring me back to a time in January 2014.

     Christmas holidays had just been over and my humans are looking forward to a more exciting, productive and better year.  Everyone in the neighborhood, pets included, is back to his usual routine - humans a-working, children a-playing, birds a-chirping, roosters a-crowing, frogs a-chorusing, everyone's just busy making a life.

     December, January & February are wet months in the place where I live.  There's nothing unusual about it, though.  Truth is, I love these cold months because I get to see and sniff my humans more.  They always opt to stay home during rainy days and check on my home..."make sure lira's roof isn't dripping dear"...i overhear my female human remind my male human.

     But something's just not right in the first week of January 2014.  It's like my danger alarm is always set off.  Tried to dismiss it, but it just keeps on snoozing and shrieking at my ears.  Rain, more rain, and more freakin rain.  Rain, rain did not go away for almost two weeks.
      It's two days before January 14, 2014.  My humans are not in their usual smiling, contented selves anymore. They pray more. Apprehensive looking faces,  more.  My humans' sister who lives a few meters from their home, I call her Miss Lea, is quite worried and constantly checks on their parents' home located nearby.  I even heard that a sister-in-law and her 3 kids, whose home is quite swamped already, evacuated to their parents home   People are talking about the Agusan river rising and washing away the neighbors' homes and beautiful gardens...about evacuation and relocation of...humans, not of german shepherds.  When flooding comes and survival is the name of the game...what is in store for a german shepherd-with-an-attitude like me?

      Calamities are confidence bombers, you know.  My brain waves are going crazy, jumping to a lot of i-knew-it thoughts:  I'm heavy bulk,  my male human can't carry me body smells hair involuntarily sheds off fast..i bark at the wrong people...neighborhood dogs don't like me...children shun me...gosh, my confidence begins to crumble.  When flooding comes and survival is the name of the thoughts nervously race...will they leave me?  Abandon me?