Friday, January 23, 2015

Diary of a GSD, Entry No. 3, Rain, rain go away

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog)
Entry #3, 

     My thoughts bring me back to a time in January 2014.

     Christmas holidays had just been over and my humans are looking forward to a more exciting, productive and better year.  Everyone in the neighborhood, pets included, is back to his usual routine - humans a-working, children a-playing, birds a-chirping, roosters a-crowing, frogs a-chorusing, everyone's just busy making a life.

     December, January & February are wet months in the place where I live.  There's nothing unusual about it, though.  Truth is, I love these cold months because I get to see and sniff my humans more.  They always opt to stay home during rainy days and check on my home..."make sure lira's roof isn't dripping dear"...i overhear my female human remind my male human.

     But something's just not right in the first week of January 2014.  It's like my danger alarm is always set off.  Tried to dismiss it, but it just keeps on snoozing and shrieking at my ears.  Rain, more rain, and more freakin rain.  Rain, rain did not go away for almost two weeks.
      It's two days before January 14, 2014.  My humans are not in their usual smiling, contented selves anymore. They pray more. Apprehensive looking faces,  more.  My humans' sister who lives a few meters from their home, I call her Miss Lea, is quite worried and constantly checks on their parents' home located nearby.  I even heard that a sister-in-law and her 3 kids, whose home is quite swamped already, evacuated to their parents home   People are talking about the Agusan river rising and washing away the neighbors' homes and beautiful gardens...about evacuation and relocation of...humans, not of german shepherds.  When flooding comes and survival is the name of the game...what is in store for a german shepherd-with-an-attitude like me?

      Calamities are confidence bombers, you know.  My brain waves are going crazy, jumping to a lot of i-knew-it thoughts:  I'm heavy bulk,  my male human can't carry me body smells hair involuntarily sheds off fast..i bark at the wrong people...neighborhood dogs don't like me...children shun me...gosh, my confidence begins to crumble.  When flooding comes and survival is the name of the thoughts nervously race...will they leave me?  Abandon me?

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