Monday, April 20, 2015



     A Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Program was recently conducted by the The Jesus Family Ministries (TJFM)-Children Ministry at Windfields Subdivision, Butuan City (Philippines) last April 13-17, 2015.

     Forty (40) children from ages 4 to 12, and residing at the said subdivision, actively participated in the said program.  They were interactively fed daily with interesting bible stories, bible memory verses, kids' songs, fun review games and of course, delectable snacks. 

                                                               Bible Stories & Prayer Time

                                                                           Fun Games


                                                                         Bonding Time

     TJFM has conducted several DVBS programs in different areas of  Butuan City for the last five (5) years, namely, at Taligaman, Doongan, T. Calo St., Rosales Avenue, and the most recent is at Windfields Subdivision.

      Feel free to inquire about TJFM's activities for children at Tel. No. (085)341-1599.  Its newly created Facebook account is: tjfm kids butuan.

Photo credits: TJFM Kids


Friday, April 10, 2015

Steps in Juicing fresh, pure, organic guavas

     It's summertime in the Philippines and the heat is just so unbearable sometimes.  It is important to drink a lot of water and juices to cool your body.  I have a few guava trees in my yard and they bear a lot of fruits whole year round.  Children in the neighborhood love to eat them and some bats who pass by our place in the night also love to pick them.

     Guavas are known for their high nutritive value and  very rich source of antioxidant Vitamin C, potassium and other high profile minerals and vitamins and fiber.  Since I have a good supply of guavas in my yard, it's a good idea to just luxuriate in its rich taste and flavor by juicing them!

     Here is what I did:

      1.  Pick some ripe guavas and wash them thoroughly.

      2.  Slice the guavas in half and take out the seeds.  Then, slice them into chunks.

     3.  Put the guava chunks into the juicer and juice it.

     4.  Pull out the juice container and check if you have enough juice to drink.

     5.   Pour the guava juice into your favorite drinking glass, put some ice, and now you're ready for an ice cold fresh,  pure, organic, nutritious guava juice drink!  Sooo love it!

     Happy juicing friends!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Entry #7: Just a Little Personal Background

    I am now on my eighth (8th) year in my beloved humans' home.  If I remember it right, I am the 6th pup out of seven offsprings by my mom Chloe and dad Bugoy.  Mom is an intelligent, obedient and charming GSD of my humans' best friends, Sonia and hubby Ruel.  My dad, Bugoy, is a champ lineage blue blood and lives with wonderful, enterprising humans who own a pet shop named after  him.  All my other siblings' names also start with the letter "L" - Lyka, Lisa, etc.. I do not really know what is in the letter "L" that so appealed to Mr. Ruel.  But whatever it was, he sure gave me a wonderful name and I just love it when humans call me by my lovely name...Liraaaa!

     My female human  often tells me about my other sibling, Lyka, who, she said, lives in one of her high school classmate's home.  She says we look so alike in built, hair and cool facial looks.  There are times when I dream of Lyka like we were biting and pulling each other's ears and tails. Our mom, Chloe was very patient with our noisy wrestlings and clutters.  She so gladly fed us a constant supply of delicious mother's milk which helped us gain appealingly large and strong physique.  Growing up, I never remember being a sickly GSD.  My humans made sure of that.

     On my second year in my humans' home, I dated a big, muscular, city boy GSD which resulted in a planned pregnancy that made my humans happy.  After exactly fifty nine (59) days from my dating period, I popped out four (4) healthy offsprings.  Since it was my first time to bring out baby pups, I was pretty nervous, tensed and at a loss of what to do!  Female human was kind enough to help me out, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make sure that mother and pups are doing, eating and sleeping well.

     I never got pregnant again after my first.  Male human became so awfully busy with livelihood work that he can't accompany me anymore to meet prospective new dates in the city.  But that's okay with me.  I am contented with my life now.  In the many years that I have lived in this cozy, little farm, I made a lot of friends with different species with different languages.  In fact, seeing them almost everyday, I learned a few bird songs, cat tricks, pig oinks and snake hisses when they pass by my hub and greet me "How are you today, Lira!"

     I've come a long way from the first time I stepped on my humans' haven.  From a noisy, impatient snob to an unassuming, quite friendly GSD.  A few close friends here and there make me feel loved and wanted.  Everyone calls me by my first name which is music to my ears.  And I just know that in my humans' affectionate company is a place I call home.  My farm family - a slice of heaven on earth.  This is where I belong.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ocean garbage: where do they travel?

     The small plastic bottle covers or even the tiny hairpin that we nonchalantly throw down the rivers and ocean bays. The plastic bags that we leave behind at the beach after a fun-filled picnic. Or even the tampoons and straws and every plastic, tin trash that we think the vastness of the ocean can contain, because it's just a "little harmless thing" anyway, so we, without guilt, just throw them while no one is watching..  Where do these garbage travel  anyway?  Where do the waves and current take them?

     Below is a heart breaking video that shows proof of the harmful effects of ocean garbage.  Maybe after watching this video, we can be more mindful of the effects of throwing non-biodegradable objects anywhere. What we think is harmless at our end may cost the life of beautiful creatures co-existing with us in this planet.
Credits: Youtube