Saturday, July 25, 2015

Diary of a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) Entry No. 12 MY DOG HOTEL EXPERIENCE

     One evening in June, 2015, male human was  happily talking to someone on his phone, while female human was busy tinkering with her laptop.  It was a typical cozy evening, and all of us were just preppin for a good night's rest.  Hearing male human's excited voice, female human joined in and both of them were just excitingly greeting and laughing with another human on the other line. It's just amazing that from one little phone, I can hear about three or four different voices talking to each other.  Oh, I remember female human mentioned some kind of "speaker phone" that male human should click on so voices should be heard.  I think that was the reason I heard them all exciting voices.

     From what I overheard, I understood only a few words. They were "vacation, vacation, vacation!"  Are my humans going somewhere? Wow!  My humans are two workaholic people and I'm fully convinced they need a place far away to just laze around and do nothing all day.

      After clicking off the phone, I heard male and female humans discussing about a place where I need to stay while they're gone.  Dog hotel or something?  Whaaaaaaat? "Lira stays at the dog hotel for 4 to 5 days", male human said.  Oh my gosh, my first time to hear about such place!  I couldn't hide my excitement!  I imagined a lot of chic and stylish dogs checking in at the same place and I would be rubbing noses with them all.  This is, oh my goodness, PARTY!

     On July 8, 2015, female human again talked to me about good manners and of being a gracious GSD.  She told me that some sort of a dog car will pick me up and take me to the hotel.  I felt a little nervous, but was comforted when she told me that she's coming with me to see to it that I will be comfortably settled, and to make arrangements for my food, grooming and all.  Oh well, I was almost tempted to call myself, Princess Lira.

     Just as I had imagined, I was treated like a princess in the hotel.  I met a few too many handsome dogs but some female ones were quite gawky.  But since female human told me to maintain a calm and friendly behavior, I gave my sweetest smile to everyone and showed them my strong and flashy teeth in the most endearing way.

     I met a sleek, curvy lady chihuahua who slept in a room next to mine.  She has been staying in the hotel for the last three months.  Her human family - a female doctor - is in Europe for a business project.  She confided that she truly miss her human but was told that she has to wait for another three months before she sees her again.  It's her first time to be separated from her human and found it a struggle in the first month.  The hotel staff made her stay very comfortable and lovely that she had learned to cope with her new but temporary home.

     Of course, the human staff spoiled me with delicious meals, warm bath and fun, hilarious play time.  I had a fabulous time showing off my sturdy built and cool composure.  Five days was too short a time, but I earned a few good friends, both dogs and humans, in that hospitable hotel.
.       My short stay in the dog hotel was a happy and memorable one.  I befriended my caretaker, a jolly, cajoling and caring person whose name was CLYDE.  All the other humans in the hotel were equally friendly as well.  But CLYDE was different.  I saw in him my male and female humans, my home away from home.

     On June 12, 2015, Clyde told me that my humans have already arrived at the farm, and he's taking me there on that day.  I said goodbye to my hotel friends and felt sad that I had to leave.  But the excitement of seeing my humans filled my whole dog day time.  I just can't quite sit still.  Clyde has to keep patting my back to keep me settled.

     So I arrived home happy to see my humans again.  They gave me a very warm hug and told me I smell so good.  They said Clyde must have taken excellent care of me.  They were so right.  I only had happy times in the hotel and forever will I cherish those good, fun times.  After saying their thank-yous and goodbyes, I suddenly miss Clyde and his wide-mouth grin and cool, funny voice as he drove his car away from me.

     Now, I'm back!  Looking at my humans, I stretched my legs and gave them my loud, poker-faced yawn, barking "I'M HAPPY TO BE HOME AGAIN!  HOW'S VACATION?"

                         My good friend, Clyde